My arranged marriage (Part 6, page 1 of 5)

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Part 6

Sofia's house.

HI,Sweet,it's time to go to school yours driver fred is waiting your downstair..OK,Mommy..

So dress up to your go and dress your school uniform,OK mom..

l'm leaving mom..ok.sweet take care..

Brian's house.

Brian..Brain, it's time to go to school,OK mom,fast brian you're late..

It's almost time to get in the school and l hadn't ready..After l put on my school uniform l left in a hurry..

Let's go tomas..Ok.brian you're a little bit late today didn't you sleep well last night?

Yes,l slept but l forgot to put the alarm clock to ring at 6:00 am.. What time is it? l asked's about 6:40 am.Damn it..l will arrive at school what it seems brian..Tomas said..

while this at class everyone had arrived including Sofia,l think brian isn't coming today,

Is he ashamed because yesterday? she wondered herself.

But l was in front of the door of my class.So l knocked it..My teacher're late brian..

Excuse me teacher l woke up late today because l didn't sleep very well last night..

Come in..But try to arrive earlier next time ok..Yes.teacher thanks..She looks like a good teacher..

Everyone was looking at me and someone was sitting at my desk..l thought to say to him that it was my desk but l was ashamed that l didn't say any word to him..

There is a table back there it was next to Sofia l was trying to avoid to see her face because l didn't have slept so well last night because always when l tried to sleep and closed my eyes

l could see her face..

My heart was palpitanting only to think that she could be looking at me now..

So l pulled up my chair and sat with my head down..

So now let's come back to our lesson the theacher said.. l raised my head to see if everyone was

looking at me..looks like everyone is acting normal and none was paying attention at me..

So l looked at Sofia she sitting on my right side..She was writing on her exercise book..

She looked at me l quickly turned my vision towards the teacher.

pay attention class the teacher said..

Now we're going to make an test between two people please chose your partner,,

So that girl Pamela came running into me ,hi brian let's do a test we two?

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