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Part 5

l and Sofia started school today because yesterday was a busy day mainly for me and Sofia but today she avoided me all day..

The school is ober and l'm coming back to my home now..

Today l'm going to have a dinner at Sofia's mansion.. but you know what...l don't want to go..

Sofia is blaming me as if l wanted her as my bride..that's why l think she is avoiding me..

She had told me. that she would never love me as her groom..but l do not care..

Finally l got home now l need to take a bath and go to see that Boring girl..

Hi dad,hi mommy.. hi Brian how was your school today? it was good dad..

and what about Sofia? l don't know dad..She seemed to be mad at me..

She avoid me the whole's ok brian his dad said..l think she is just shy..

Shy david? Olivia knews why she was acting like this..because she didn't want to marry..

Yes..Shy david replied to Olivia..

l don't know dad every girl in my class came to talk to me but Sofia pretended that l didn't exist..

She was talking to that girl.. do you remember? That girl who kissed me.

l think her name was Pamela..

Yes you said..

Some girls asked to me if l had a girlfriend l said yes,When l said yes,Sofia looked at me with a anger face as if l would say to everyone that she is my girlfriend or bride..

l see my son..but women are like that take it easy ok.Ok dad l will try ..

So Olivia said; l know that you and Sr.Lorenzo wants that they marry..

But that girl Sofia doesn't want to marry Brian,that's why she is acting like this..

How can Brian marry a girl that doesn't even wants he next to her?

So David answered..Let's leave they alone for awhile and see what will happens,

if they really don't want to marry each other we'll canceal their marriage..

ok David..she said.

Brian! his mother yelled..HI mommy..We are going to have a dinner in Sofia's mansion..

Brian kept silent..

So her mother one more time screamed..Did you hear me Brian? had said me..brian answered her..

You see not even brian is enjoying this.. She said to David..

'"Everything is going to be alright'', don't worry olivia david said with a voice of irony and kissing her..

Huum..l see...Her wife said with a untrust face...

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