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Part 4

when the day dawned..Olivia and david started a duscussion..

olivia was angry and worried about what was happening..

Why Did you drink so much yesterday David? It's nothing olivia..What is going david tell me ?

You're sudden say that our son is going to marry an arranged bride,Sofia..

And after we arrived at the hotel.. after our meetting with Sr.Lorenzo's family, you started to act very strange..

It's nothing l said OLivia.he said a little altered. So why are you and Lorenzo marring our children?

Business l said to you before..

Business? is it all that you have to say ? and lorenzo will marry our children without any motive..

And business isn't a motive? No..Not for me.. OLivia said angry..

Look Olivia..One day you will know why l and Sr. lorenzo is doing this..

l want to know now..

You're speaking loudly olivia Sr.Lorenzo and Vivane is hearing everything..

Viviane and lorenzo was staying in a room next to it..

l don't know this is forbidden and l can denuciate it..

OK..Do it..Come on,do it Olivia..

You see lorenzo..viviane said..

She wants to call the police what will you and Sr.david do?

Why do you want to marry them?

can you see the problem that is causing this?

lorenzo took a deeply breath..

Let's go there..

Sudden someone Knocked his door..

You see what you did Olivia..Someone heard us..OLivia stared the door concerned while david was going to open it..

When he opened it was Sr.Lorenzo and Ms. Viviane..

Please.come in David said..Excuse me for our discussion l'm sure you and your wife heard it..My apologizes..

Don't worry Sr. David..

We have our purpose..Lorenzo..said..

Which?Olvia said with a voice altered..

Look OLiva Brian said..

Sofia is an excelent math girl and accountant.. our son is very good with business.. our family just want to spend our money..Yes,,my family it is the same way..lorenzo said..

and we need someone to take care of our business when we retire..

Let me see if l understood..You two is going to drop your bussiness in the hands of two it?viviane said..

Gifted kids..lorenzo said..

but it is not for is not for now..Ok.Ok Viviane said shaking her head..

let's do something.. David said..

We will date them and see what will happens.. if They really don't like each other we will conceal it..Can it be? but we can't tell it for none of our children..

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