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Part 3

Both of us was in that living room but l was so ashamed to say anything to her..She had her head down so she wouldn't look at me l think she was ashamed as well or sad..

l wanted to say something to try to comfort her, but when l tried to say something, Sofia murmured to me:

'l will never accept you as my groom or husband..I will never love a man from an arranged marriage..l will never accept you Brian.. Her face was blushed and Furious with her blushed cheeks..

But it's not my fault Sofia you know that..

Huun..She tilted her head to another side..What the heck.. l thought to myself..

Susan had seen What happened and heard what sofia had said..Because she was behind us and we didn't notice her..

So when Sofia tilted her head aside when she was angry at me she saw Susan standing on her side .Sofia got scared..

Susan pretended that she didn't have seen or heard anything but we knew that she had seen or even heard what Sofia said..

and if she tell to my parent's or her parent's it would bring problems to her.. So l said to her don't say it to anyone.But Susan disguised: say what?

l know that is pretending that she didn't hear anything but she was close enough to hear even a murmuring conversation..

OK..l said to her..But we couldn't have any conversation with her there because she would hear everything..

l looked back to see if she was watching us she disguised..Susan is spying on us to our parents l said to sofia..

You're right brian..l hadn't noticed her that's why l said that to you..

So l hugged her waist to disguice and pretend that we was fine..

What the heck are you doing brian? Sofia said trying to take my arm off her waist..

Excuse sofia..but l we need to disguise that everything is well..

Do you want Susan discover everything?.. No. Sofia said murmuring..

So put your hand arround my neck she said.. So l did..

No.No..We'd better we hold our hands..okay..So l holded her soft hands..

So when l looked to her she was totally blushed and ashamed So l blushed as well..

Why are you blushing Brian?Sofia asked me..

I'm not blushing l answered to her..

you are..Correcting me.. she said..

NO.l'm are blushing l said to her..

no..l won't..She replied..

So we both disguised our eyes to a random place to try escape of our akward and embarassing moment..

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