My arranged marriage (Part 2, page 1 of 7)

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Part 2

My particular driver was in front of the door in the car he was waiting as well and making my security..His name was Tomas.. he was my driver since l was just a little kid..

Do you know if she is coming? for sure? l asked my driver.

Your dad and her father said it, that she would meet you in front of the school that's why he said to you wait for her..

But it was almost time to get in and she hadn't still arrived.. l can't wait for her for so long l said to my driver..

Sudden came a girl towards me screaming hi handsome boy, she kissed me very near my lips.

l blushed! so she said me: you are so cute.. What is your name?My name is brian galego assis nice to meet you ..My name is Pamela .Pamela scott nice to meet you too Brian..and she gave another kiss and l shivered..

l was thinking in ask if she was my fiancee but i did not dare to ask her. what if is not her?

what would l say after it? that it was just a joke?..she would think l'm very strange and l need to make sure it will be secret for everyone at school l don't want anyone to know..

It's time to get in school. she isn't coming l said to my driver..OK..Sr. brian l'm going to call your father and l will report him about it..

Ok.l said to him.but l was a little bit relieved l don't know if l was prepered to meet her right now..

But what about that girl who kissed me?if she was my fiancee l think she would say..

My driver may know how she looks like..

Hi tomas..l called him loudly while he was lefting he stopped the car and i ran untill where the car was stopped..

is that girl who kissed me on my cheeks my bride?

l didn't see it.he said..l was reading my newspaper while you're there so l didn't even notice it..

What the heck tomas..l thought you were helping me to find her and making my security..A girl kissed me on my cheeks a few minutes ago and entered the school..

l didn't see it sorry..Ok tomas..

It's impossible she knows who you was.Tomas said to me... She is from ltaly..l think it is better you tell that girl that you have a bride or if you don't want to say it you just tell her that you have a girlfriend..

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