My arranged marriage (Part 1, page 2 of 4)

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Part 1

My driver may know how she looks like..

Hi tomas..l called him loudly while he was lefting he stopped the car and i ran till where the car was stopped..

is that girl who kissed me on my cheeks my bride?

l didn't see it.he said..l was reading my newspaper while you're there so l didn't even notice it..

What the heck tomas..l thought you were helping me to find her and making my security..A girl kissed me on my cheeks a few minutes ago and entered the school..

l didn't see it sorry..Ok tomas..

It's impossible she knows who you was.Tomas said to me... She is from ltaly..l think it is better you tell that girl that you have a bride or if you don't want to say it you just tell her that you have a girlfriend..

So she won't flirt you anymore..

Ok l said.. l will call you father to know if that girl was her or was she like? She was white with a black long hair and a pretty face..what was her eyes color?l think it was green. Ok..You can go to school Sr Brian it's on time..

OK..see you later.

l will call your father..

After it, l went to school..

HI S.r David galego your son said me that a girl kissed him on his cheeks and he said that she was a pretty girl with a long black hair and green eyes..

What? his dad said..This girl wasn't his my son near you?!he isn't, tomas said..Sofia was in the school looking for his lost picture..

he will fuck with my life if her see something like this..

She is waiting him at their class they are from the same class..l see..his driver said..

her father gave to her my son's picture to her find him easily l had to do the same but l forgot..

We thought it would be more exciting they meet each other at school..

l see m.s david.. l will let it with them now.. david said..

So his driver looked towards the school and said..Good luck Brian..

Meanwhile in the school..

Hi brian. Hi Paloma excuse l didn't said to you before but l have a girlfriend so..

I see she could had told me..Anyway. excuse me Brian for my behavior..

it's ok l said don't worry about it..

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