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Part 1

Today it is my first day of school l didn't get into the school eyet because l'm waiting someone my fiancee..

I don't even know how she looks like because l just know about this marriage a few days ago..She is from italy a italian girl l hear they was beautiful..

But even if she is l will tell my father l won't do it..

I won't marry a girl that l didn't even know her..

So my particular driver said:

Why don't you wait in the car sr brian..

No..thanks l prefer to wait outside.

I would never wait in the car nervous as l was..

I waited and waited by no one appeared it's time to get in school..

I think they aren't comingl said to my driver

L think so he replied me..ok then good bye and see you later l said to him..

And l entered the school..

My school was a renowned school one of the best school from united states..

There was a huge marmored table l think it is where people lunch..

there were a lot of people trying to see their class number so l went among them to try to find mine..

Hi brian we are in the same classroom..Hi...brian?

She was talking to me but l was out of my body she was so damn beatiful..l couldn't pay attention not even in her voice..

I was staring her as a dumb she was perfect her body.her lips.her blond hair she had. She was..

What the hell is this ?

She kissed me. even without l rouse from my mesmerize My heart was racing fast.

I was like burning inside everyone was looking to us

I was ashamed but l hadn't any force to stop her..

Her lips was so sweet it was like wether had honey

Stuck in her lips..

I couldn't handle my breath it was unbalanced

So suddenly she did let me go and gave me a sweet smile..

I was blushing for two motives one that hot kiss that she gave me and the another motive was because everyone was looking to us..

Who are you l asked..

You will know soon..

Are you my..l couldn't complete it..

Because l was not sure..

What she said..'s better l don't tell anyone about it in the school..

So l'm going wait l said but she just vanished among the crowd..

When l entered in my class she was from the same class as me..


But she knows that we was in the same class and she knew my name..

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