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Part 1

In the 1800's Snow Cap Ridge became famous for their mines. Miners were moving into this town to try to be the person to strike it rich on Gold. There were more tragedies than success. One family died of starvation and from the elements.

In the 1900's there was a wildfire that torched every any kind of trees up on Majestic Mountain. Members of the city of Snow Cap Ridge government was so afraid that the mountain without any trees would be devastating in the rainy season. There were a few mud slides but not as devastating as they thought..

They were happy to see new trees sprouting up among the burnt ambers. Mother nature had a way to heal itself. Some times it looked as though she used a little too much of her healing power. One old timer stated when they got an unusual amount of snow that's just like a woman she can't make up her mind what she wants to do.

You could pick out the families that lived in Snow Cap Ridge for years by the elderly men's conversation they had on Saturday mornings while enjoying their breakfast. They had nicknames for the children of the older families. If you weren't from the older families and the older men had a nick name for you then you knew they really like you such as their sheriff.

It took the Saturday morning crowd at the Lazy Susan Café referring to their sheriff as Sheriff Jonathan Smith for five years. After having a really bad Friday night where he had to break up several bar fights which resulted in him getting a beauty of a black eye. He was sure he was going to get some razing from them.

Instead one of the older gentlemen motion him over to their table by yelling hey John Boy Smith come on over and join us for some bacon. eggs and toast. He knew from then on he had gained their trust and felt as though he was a part of their community. After having his fill of good black mojo while holding an ice bag on his left eye he headed back to the sheriff's office

He escorted the two out of towners to Judge Norton Hazelewood's chambers. After the two out of towners pled guilty they were fined five hundred a piece for fighting with another two hundred for the room and board in the sheriff' hotel for the night. The two hundred was the damaged to the sheriff's eye.

They were released and escorted out of town by one of the sheriff's deputy and politely reminded next time they wouldn't be just getting a fine but instead they would be incarcerated in the state prison for up to a year for assaulting a police officer.

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