Murder From The Grave (Part 1, page 1 of 6)

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Part 1

Shiloh was heading back to her parents house having nowhere else to go was going to be rough for her but even rougher for her little three year old son. He couldn't understand why daddy wasn't coming with them. She knew when he got older he would understand but for now she couldn't keep telling him that his daddy was dead. She decided just to tell Buddy daddy can't come with us baby boy but he loves both of us very much.

‚Äč She really had wanted to keep the house he had built for them but the bills was piling up quickly. With no way of paying the bills she had to sale the house. The sale price of the house was enough to pay most of the bills. The hospital bill consumed most of the money she got from the sale of the house then credit card bills which a company helped her getting the credit card companies to take a lower pay off than the entire amount that they wanted.

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