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Part 1

Lindsay was called into the office of his boss. He was given a new assignment. He just shook his head and informed him that he wasn't sure if he could pull this off but he would try. He was given his rusume and creditials which would pass any security codes. Lindsay wasn't doubting the paperwork. He was doubting if he could pull off the work that he would be required to do at the forensic lab without one insider knowing what was going on.

‚Äč His boss informed him that if he needed help that the coronor would be willing to assist him by pretending to be his brother and would be welcomed into the lab and could get him over any bumps in the road. Lindsay knew there was a good chance that his cover would be blown in no tim so he would really have to be on his guard every minute there but someone had to do the job and yes part of his qualifications was real but he knew nothing about forensic analysis of any kind so he probably would be calling the coronor in a lot to keep his cover.

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