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Part 1

The Hawthrone auction compay a family business for eight decades starting with Alexander Hawthrone the orginal owner. Alexander was a six foot tall maan with the built of a lumberjack married his high school sweetheart who was five foot six with long blonde hair and blue eyes. They lived in a very modest two story farmhouse with a metal barn building which they started the business out of it. Mainly their auctions consisted of farmers who had gotten older and wanted to retire to the city life and sold everything from their farm equipement to the house.

Somrtimes including the house which took a real estate appraiser to come out and say how much the house would sale for in the condition it was in He passed the business to his son Slamon which he named after King Salmon in the bible and moved overseas to a little villa in Europe to be with his wife's fami;y who was elderly and needed help around the villa.

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