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Part 1

I never taught loving someone would hurt this much, trying to fill a void in the hole in my chest seems harder than i think. He gets me excited everytime our eyes connect, everytime he brushes against my cold skin, everytime he demands my presence just so that he could breathe in the cool air of lust and fear as it leaves my body whenever im around him.

'Oh, you dirty boy give it to me' ,

'Oh yeah! right there, right there..OH YEAAHHH!!!!'

Her poisoning words, as they pierce through my fragile ears replaying itself over and over in my head like a scratch record.

Like every other morning at exactly 7:30 a.m Lexus and Lila starts mine with a BANG!!. walls crackling, concrete shattering finding its way through every creaks and corner of my room, both screaming and shouting like 9/11 part 2 is about to go down; and still no one cares enough to even turn the music up.

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