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Part 2

" Ok what ever get me something to eat or ill start eating the paper", Smita walked out to call for the maid and aked her to get some snack and tea for the three of them.

While the three of them were studying the intercom rang, it was Smita's maid " baby mummyji has called i cant transfer the call can you come down and talk to her"

Smita excused herself and went down.

Arjun came and sat next to Neha giving the reason that he cannot undersatand a theory, she tried to explain to him and while she was explaining he rubbed his hand against her a couple of times and she got exactly the same feeling as on the first day of college. 5 minutes later she got up saying that she will check on Smita and Arjun pulled her hand and she felt like she got glued to him with a current flowing in her entire body she did not know what to do she tried to pull her hand out of the grip and he helt it more tight teasing her and trying to be casual, " wait expain this and go" he said. She just wanted to be out of the situation and to her rescue Smita came back she was all happy and excited, "Guys it was mum on the phone she said they have got me through in a good university in the USA" so ill be leaving in May post the exams. She casuallt shut her book and sat on the recliner. Neha suddeny felt a tear rolling down her eyes. "I dont even need to give these exams cause this wont count" Smita continued. Looking at Neha " Hey Neha r u not happy for me" she said, Neha Wiping her tear ofcourse i am " Oh neha i know u will miss me a lot so will I but this was going to happen" she hugged neha tight.

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