More than a best friend (Part 3, page 1 of 4)

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Part 3

Its was the first day of second year Neha was very nervous as her pillar was not with her, she just looked down and walked towards her class and bumped into someone, she said sorry and just by passed and heard a similar husky voice, Arjun it was, he said " Hey gurl where r u going". Nervous Neha " aaaa im going to class"

"Chill the class is not on untill another hour" said Arjun " Come and join us" He was standing with a group of guys and girls all laughing and talking.

" Oh thanks ill just go to the library then" and Neha moved away.

Later towards the end of the day Arjun offered to drop Neha home and she politely denied, Arjun told her that he has promised Smita to take care of her, She said that she could go home alone, Tina who was not liking this conversation between Arjun and Neha just pulled him and said let her go why are you giving her so much importance.

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