More than a best friend (Part 4, page 3 of 7)

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Part 4

"Ok ill confirm on friday to you" and neha asked for his cell number

They excahnged numbers and and Arjun dropped Neha home

Next day in college Neha's friends had seen her going with a starnger so all wanted to know who he was and were teasing her, she in a way liked the teasing part and told that he was an old friend. Later that day she spoke to Namita her closest friend in college told her about the party invite, Namita told her that she is blusing a lot since morning and whats the matter and asked her to accept the invitation and to tell her mom that she would be staying back at her place.

On friday she texted Arjun with a affirmation. Arjun was equally delighted to see the text and couldnt wait for Saturday evening.

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