More than a best friend (Part 4, page 2 of 7)

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Part 4

Neha redily agreed to which Arjun was utterly surprised.

On their way Arjun striked the conversation first" So ive never seen this side of you, you seen to have changed a lot with the new enviornment"

Neha laught " well had to or the big fish in the pond would just eat up small fish like me"

Arjun looked quiet impressed

"Hey Neha my parents are going out of town this weekend and my frined are coming over for a house party would you like to come and join us"

" I dont mind but I wont be able to stay long"

"Oh come on make something out"

"Well ill try" Said Neha

"You could stay back in the guest room if it gets very late all the people are going to stay back at my place, its like a night out, just that i know you wont know anyone so ill arrange a whole room for you"

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