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Part 4

Soon Neha got admission in one of the top colleges in Mumbai, as she would travel daily by bus she was waiting at the bus stop one day when a car stopped right in front of her and a Arjun stepped out.

" Hey Neha where have you been, long time, what are doing here"

" Relax Arjun so many question ill answer them one by one" Arjun was seeing a completely new Neha who was more confident and was speaking without fear.

"well i study in this college right here, Im doing IT engineering, what about you where have you been, whats happenening in your life"

"Oh well i took admission in an enginnering college near home and ive come here for some work that dad gave me, while returning i saw you at the bus stop and was quiet happy to see you, let me drop you home if you dont mind"

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