More than a best friend (Part 8, page 3 of 6)

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Part 8

"I cant leave you like this, look at yourself how terrible you are at the moment" Nikhil showed concern.

"Just give me sometime for myself" Neha started crying. Nikhil couldnt have left her he said he wont go.

"why are you behaving so strange just go" Neha continued. "I wont" Nikhil said with assertion. "But why" Neha asked.

"you want to know why" Nikhil got up and helt Neha's hand, "your really want to know why, so listen to me carefully, I love you Neha i cant see you with anyone else, when you went running towards the gate the other day i felt as if you were running away from me forever. Never do this Neha or ill be no where".

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