More than a best friend (Part 8, page 2 of 6)

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Part 8

Not because Nikhil was behaving strange but because she did not know what was her relationship status with Arjun. Her eyes were going red with anger." Your getting angry at me for a third person Neha" Nikhil provoked.

"Just leave me alone i dont want to talk to anyone" saying this she walked out of the class.

Nikhil followed her in the corridor calling her out but she was just not wanting to turn around.

SHe reached the campus garden which had a lovely gazebo in it and went and sat in the gazebo. Nikhil followed her there and sat next to her.

"why are you getting angry Neha, I did not say anthing to hurt you"

"I told you to leave me alone I dont feel like talking to anyone,why did you follow me then" Neha asked with a tear rolling down her eye.

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