More than a best friend (Part 1, page 2 of 6)

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Part 1

As they both entered the campus

"Are you sure no one will rag us" asked Neha to Smita

"You think they dont want their careers screwed by doing anything to me" Smita spoke and walked as confidently as ever.

Smita was one reason Neha would always feel secure she would always guide her and she was the bold types.

As they walked into their class that was on the first floor of the building Neha was uncomfortable with all the looks she got from the guys who passed by, she barely lifted her head up till they reached the class room.

The moment they entered the class room it was full of noise joy aand excitement, guys and girls together talking and laughing but Neha clasped Smita's hand tight out of fear and pointed out towards a corner where they could sit.

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