More than a best friend (Part 10, page 2 of 6)

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Part 10

"Relax Neha just give your best shot"

Neha walks in for the interview, and Nikhil is waiting out side equally nervous cause he was aware how important it was for Neha, but just did not want to show his nervousness to her.

After aboyt 25 minutes she walked out with a radiant smile and he knew she had bagged it.

He just Ran towards her and they both hugged each other, and jumped in joy.

They would spend hours together in the library studying Neha trying to teach Nikhil and Nikhil just wanting to spend time with her.

They both had fared very well even in the final year project.

After the exams came the farwel party.

The third years threw a grand party to their favourite seniors and every one was very excited.

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