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Part 7

"Who is this friend of yours" asked Nikhil

"Oh! its Arjun ive never mentioned about him we were together in junior college and he is Smita's childhood friend as well" replied Neha and had a twinkle in her eye when she was talking about Arjun.

"Anyways I would be meeting him soon before he leaves" she continued with a little sorrow in her voice

She picked up her phone and replied to Arjun's text,'hey Arjun thats great to hear, i have a holiday on saturday but can see you friday after college'

Arjun quickly replied back "friday 4:30 out side your college gate, see you beautiful"

Neha left for the day and reached home.

On Friday Neha was dressed in her favourite black top teamed up with a printed palazzo, she was looking beautiful as ever and everone in the college complimented her on her looks that day, lectures got over at 4 and usually Neha never waited in the library on Fridays this was a bit suprising for Nikhil he followed her to the library and asked "what notes are you preparing today", She replied "Oh noting actually im just waiting till Arjun arrives, Im meeting him today". Nikhil was a bit upset that Neha did not share this piece of information wiith him till the last minute. "So thats the reason your so well dressed today" Nikhil asked being a little nosy.

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