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Part 1

Most human beings don’t get to have the most humiliating moment of their lives drawn in such sharp contrast with every other moment of their existence. An embarrassing speech by a drunk best man (no, a wedding reception is not the place to muse on just how “fuckable” the bride is), peeing their pants in fourth grade on the schoolbus (on the way to a fieldtrip at a historical recreation of a colonial village, the bus had to turn around leaving no doubt as to the culprit), or an e-mail decrying a difficult customer’s demands accidentally sent out to the whole company and to the customer themselves (the customer really was an insufferable asshole), would all certainly be mortifying at the time. But the passing of time is a slow-working but effective salve. And the remaining faded scar, becomes evidence to support a funny self-deprecating story that can be told at dinner parties.

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