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Part 3

Angeline was Rosaline’s world, apart from her Rosa did not inherit anything.

From the age of 16, Rosa decides to work hard just to nurture her young baby sister.

Rosa enters every kind of work like cleaning, washing, waitress, sweeping, caretaker. She was ready to sacrifice her fun life to a workaholic life to provide all the necessities to her little darling sister.

As years load up, she used to work for Mrs. Georgina Whitaker who was a famous florist in the town.

Rosaline gave her heart and soul to her work and did her best to gain the true confidence from Mrs. Georgina Whitaker.

Rosaline worked for Mrs. Georgina and took care of her. Mrs. Georgina loved Rosa as her own daughter. Mrs. Georgina Whitaker was unmarried and she was the only heir for her property.

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