Loving (Masked Emotions: Book 5) (Part 5, page 1 of 2)

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Part 5

“My wife has been a Mistress during our entire twenty-four years of marriage. She was trained by Grand Mistress Catherine herself and she has never been a Sub or a Slave. However, lately she had been curious what it would be like to be one and therein lay the problem.” He looked into Enzio’s eyes. “She is having a problem submitting.”

“During your marriage, has she ever submitted to you?”

Dom Cross shook his head. “Our marriage has been perfect in every way. She has given me four children and I’ve been faithful to her. However, I have been a Sub for her, but never the other way around.”

Enzio began nodding. “I see now. She’s having difficulty submitting to you because she’s used to always being the dominant one.”

“Perfect observation as always!” he praised, “I had several Doms and Masters try to help me break her, and so far each has been one failure after another. So allow me to make a proposition to you. If you help me allow her to understand what it feels like to be a Sub, not only will I be your partner, but I’m sure my wife will allow herself to be one of your slaves as well. That’s one way to defer many of your competition to switch and compete for a lesser chair.” Dom Cross looked at Enzio and could see that he was conflicted about the offer, but then he pierced right through him with a simple gaze.

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