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Part 1

I marry another tomorrow and yet I am seated with the one I love, need and desperately want it’s taking everything in my entire body not to hold him, kiss him and tell him how I feel. Is it a bad thing to love a man I hated with everything in my body, is it a bad thing to wish I was marrying him knowing the hurt pain and anguish he caused me, but the night is perfect, there are many stars in up in the sky, there is a full moon, the cool breeze, oh how I wish I was able to tell him how I really feel.

My father was a king of a small village in Southern Africa, I had 4 brothers and I was the 3rd child who took care of everything, but I wanted more, I wanted adventure I wanted to see what was out there, if there were more people out there, I didn’t want to be some hunters wife, I wanted to be more than that if not a hunter.

“What are you doing up there Princess? Your father is looking for you before the introductory ceremony” says Amogelang my dearest best friend.

“Arg man you know I hate it when you call me that, and I will go back when I want to” Says Bontle

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