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Part 6

Damien and I got off the bus which was extremely late today, as we had a sub driver. We got our stuff from our lockers and went to Mr. Petro's first period class. "Can you explain why you're five minutes late? Your bus is supposed to get here at 7:45. You should have had 20 minutes since you got here."

"Yeah, the bus was late Petro." I said. "Sub driver." The intercom ringed.

"Excuse the interruption please. Teachers, if you have any kids that came in late who ride bus 24, don't count them tardy. It came in late this morning. Thank you." We sat in our normal spots.

"Alright. We have a new student guys. Come up here please." A blonde walked up to the front of the class. "Class, this is Jackie. Make her feel at home." She glimpsed around the room and stared at Damien for a moment too long. She sat back down, and throughout the class, she kept looking at Damien. We continued through the day until lunch. We were walking towards the lunchroom when I saw Jackie being held against a locker by Brandon.

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