Love Or Lust (Part 8, page 3 of 10)

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Part 8

"And you sure its them?", it is him. Louis. I know it.

"Not 100% but there are risks for everything"


Why they sound like a gang who is currently planning to have a meeting with another gang?

Something is suspicious here.

"So when and where?", asked Jason.

"You know the guy Xaiver? He's holding a party this Saturday. They thought It would be best to try a place like this where we could get less suspicious", replied Zayn.


This can't be just my overactive imagination!

"Really dude. We don't have to ki...", Jason coughed. I felt someone looked at me. I didn't know. I was still sinking my face in the table. "I mean harm that Bennet guy. We could just bribe him"

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