Love Or Lust (Part 8, page 1 of 10)

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Part 8

Wow I'm such an idiot.


I've to go inside then no matter how embarrassed I'm.

I wanted to be as silent as possible.

I slowly opened the door.

It opened with a creak sound.

I saw the four of them inside.

The four flower boys!

Only then I saw that black haired boy with them.

Wait a sec...

He's one of them?

How could I forget! I've seen him with them a lot then how could I?

Just how?



Now I want to die. As if I wasn't already embarrassed like hell.

God kill me.

Why doesn't the earth open up and engulf me.



I am not overreacting.

No, I'm not.



Maybe a little.

I silently made my way to a deserted chair.

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