Love Or Lust (Part 6, page 1 of 9)

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Part 6

Shiz P.O.V

The door yanked opened. All of the heads snapped towards the four boys entering the class.

Is it me or the class really fell dead silent?

These guys are really something.

Ok I know they all are excessively handsome and muscular but can't anyone see that they are how intimidating and also they all look older than rest of us.

Something is suspicious. They definitely belong to a gang.

Ooooooooooooor it is my overactive imagination.

The former more appealing though.

"Hey Valentino ?", I called him not removing my eyes from them. Everyone was staring at them so was me.

"Who are these guys?", I asked him. He was also staring at them.

"I don't know. No one in this school has seen them before."

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