Love Or Lust (Part 7, page 2 of 8)

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Part 7

There came a turn.

Swiftly crossed.

In front of me came a student picking up his book.

Jumped over.

Two workers taking a sheet of glass.

Slipped below acoss.

And right in front of me was the destiny.

Until a boy pulled out of nowhere.


But it was too late to even stop myself.



My eyes opened. I was lying on the top of a greek god.

His eyes closed and he was frowning. He sure hit his head hard.

Wait a sec...

Isn't it one of the flower boys?

Sure it is.

Its the Jason.

How do I know?

They were the famous gossip topics. Everyone knows their names. Even if I didn't wanted to, their names got to my ears.

I was so lost in his beautiful looks that I didn't realize that he was opening his eyes.

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