LOVE AGAIN (Part 3, page 3 of 5)

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Part 3

Jiya was quite amused st hus admission because she had invited Niharika for dinner tonight.

The bell rung and Jiya went to open the door.

Just then Niharika entered carrying flowers for Jiya.

" How was your day dear?"

"Don't ask. Today I met such a handsome man who literally took my breath away buthe was such an arrogant pig"

Saying this she entered their living room and was surprised to find the arrogant pig sitting there with Sagar.

He was still very handsome dressed in the formal blue suit but his tie loosened and a glass if wine in his hand.

Sagar looked up and hugged Niharika ," Welcome dear . Let me introduce you my best friend from school Nikhil Garg "

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