LOVE AGAIN (Part 3, page 2 of 5)

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Part 3

"I am not in the mood for a drink. I will just take a glass of wine"

Jiya sat with them with a glass of orange juice " Now tell me why were you in such a bad mood today?"

" Sneha teacher accused me of kidnapping her "

" What ?" and she started laughing.

Nikhil looked at Jiya wistfully. Sagar could see that Nikhil still had strong feelings for his wife but he trusted her and moreover Nikhil was his best friend since school.

" But Mrs Menon is not like that "

"It was someone else . I think they called her Niharika "

" She was such sn arrogant girl accusing me of deceiving her that I was Sagar when she presumed it herself. I would never like to meet her again"

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