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Part 12

"Niharika what a pleasant surprise?"

Niharika was surprised to find Nikhil sitting inthe coffee shop of of the Pan Pacific marina bay hotel Singapore.

"So on a vacation Nikhil?"

"No dear there was a major issue in my singapore branch but everything is under control now"

"That's nice to know "

"Are you on vacation Niharika?"

"Sort off", replied Niharika reluctantly.

"I amhere for another two days so join me for our coffee date?"

Niharika was to stay in Singapore for another three days but she didn't inform him.

" Are you sure we should have coffee together?"

" I am sorry Niharika. I shouldn't have behaved in that manner that day. Its just that I got carried away and I didn't want you to believe that we could have a relationship when I am still in love with someone "

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