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Part 7

They discussed a variety of topics from financial news to interiors to architecture.Nikhil was surprised to hear that she had very strong views on interiors because she was a school teacher.

They had a simple indian dinner of Rajma, rice, vegetable korma, masala bhindi and pineapple raita.

"Jiya you are a wonderful cook. I just love your cooking",Nikhil exclaimed. Sagar smiled fondly at his wife, Jiya is not only a good cook but a wonderful wife and mother all in one."

"Well everyone can't be as lucky as you are buddy', exclaimed Nikhil.

"Well Nikhil I believe you shpuld check Niharika's cooking. She is an awesome cook specially in Chinese food."

Niharika blushed.

"Ok then its settled. next saturday we meet at her place for Chinese,' Sagar finalised their plans,"Nikhil you are also invited from my side.. I believe I have that much right over you dear Niharka"

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