LOVE AGAIN (Part 8, page 3 of 6)

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Part 8

Niharka hugged him,"Hi handsome.You are looking very dashing today. If I had not promised friendship I would be tempted to start dating you. "

Nikhil smiled at her,' you know you are looking quite tempting yourself. but my poor heart is not yet ready to move on"

Both of them had the snacks with a glass of wine in her living room.

Niharika house was beautiful. The walls were pure white with one wall light green in colour. the light green colour had a beautiful scene painted on it. There was a huge tree with various birds sitting on its branches. Some sparrows were also flying in the sky.

Since the wall was light green the furnishings were also green, with a green sofa, wooden table with a green cove and ,a long green standing lamp. All in all the room gave a pleasant feel.

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