LOVE AGAIN (Part 9, page 5 of 5)

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Part 9

His mouth moved from her lips to her ear licking and nibbling it.Then his hands entered her top and touched her breasts encased in a lacy structure.Her skin was too soft and her body very responsive but when she sighed again he realised he had to stop.

Because he had gone too far once and he would not repeat it.

He moved away from her. niharika felt bereft of his touch and his next words poured ice over her feeling,"I asked you about Sagar and your relationship because I care for Jiya a lot and I cant let her be hurt in anyway", saying this he left her house.

Niharika was numb. One moment they were ready to make love and the other moment he had informed her that he cared for someone else.She felt humiliated at her actions.She was only a substitute for sex and nothing else for Nikhil while she had started caring for him ,so she would be careful with him in the future

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