LOVE AGAIN (Part 9, page 2 of 5)

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Part 9

Nikhil had been listening to this exchange. Sagar was a lucky fellow to have Jiya but even Nihaika flirted with him. Somehow this he was not able to digest.

Together they sat at the dinner table eating the delicious dinner.

"Niharika you are the best cook,"Sagar exclaimed but when Jiya made a funny face," but not as good as my dear wife"

Nikhil was quiet during dinner.

Jiya asked him.'"What would you say Nikhil. Isn't she good?"

"She is more than good , Jiya. The food was one of the best Chinese I have ever eaten"

Niharika beamed at his praise.

"Nikhil have you seen her house?"

"Not yet Jiya"

"Let me show you"

Jiya took his hand and showed him all the rooms. Niharika's house was very pretty. Every room had a theme. One of her bedroom had a water based theme even the bed was a waterbed. The second room was based on a dark forest theme while the third bedroom was locked.

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