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Part 2

A BDSM Erotic Romance

The following is taken from Longing (Masked Emotions: Book 2), a BDSM Erotic Romance by V.E. Campudoni. The book in its entirety is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1suNNFW

Marie sat in the office and looked around. The room was painted in a sandy brown, and it had only one floor-to-ceiling window, which faced Pine Street. On the light oak desk sat a laptop, an open notebook, and a stack of papers under a diamond-shaped paperweight. Framed on the wall all around her was a series of pictures of Enzio and two women, and there was a large leather swivel chair in the middle of the office. A bookshelf, bursting with books based on various S&M tactics and methods stood in the far corner, yet with another series of framed photos of her, Lana, Enzio's parents, Lana's parents, and another beautiful woman she had never met.

She began to think about what had happened an hour ago. To her it seemed like a surreal dream. Enzio is Dom 241. It was something she was still trying to process. He had walked into the room, thinking that she was Lana, and confessed his love for her.

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