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Part 3

A BDSM Erotic Romance

The following is taken from Longing (Masked Emotions: Book 2), a BDSM Erotic Romance by V.E. Campudoni. The book in its entirety is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1suNNFW

Jenny's Place was a bar where Lana and Enzio would meet up after a long week of studying, and she had been sitting in the booth in the far right corner as instructed, waiting for over a half hour. He was ten minutes late and already she was nervous. Maybe he doesn't want to see me, she thought, pulling down on the hem of the dress she was wearing, wondering why she had worn something so short and tight, wondering why she had her hair just the way he liked it and was wearing his favorite perfume and makeup that he always complimented her on.

She noticed people looking at her, probably wondering why she was drinking alone. She felt self-conscious and pulled the black denim jacket over her cleavage, cursing at herself for wearing something so revealing. "Why am I wearing this? Am I trying to seduce him?" She had it all planned out in her mind. When Enzio arrived, she would give him a friendly kiss on the cheek, and a half hug like they always did. They would smile, have a few drinks, a bit of small talk, and a few laughs. Afterward, it would get late, they would walk back to the dorm, she would give him another small peck on the cheek, and that would be it. "But I want a session as well."

Her stomach was fluttering, and she felt warm as she finished her drink. She stared at the dark brown lipstick on the glass. "Shit." That was exactly what she needed. He would finally show up and she would be looking like a hot mess. She took her purse and headed straight to the restroom that was located through a darkened hallway and down the stairs. She passed a few doors to the lit 'restroom' sign at the end of the hallway.

She raised her skirt, looked at herself in the mirror, and smiled. The first and last time she had done that she was wearing a pair of granny panties, but this time she was wearing a black lace thong and the seam of her bra had been rubbing against her nipples for the past half hour. She blushed and lowered her skirt. She quickly washed her hands and looked at her reflection. She fixed her lipstick and made sure her hair still looked great. "I'll go back upstairs, and if he isn't there, then I'll just leave."

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