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Part 4

“Linger” (The Masked Emotions Series Book 1), BDSM erotic romance by V.E. Campudoni, will leave you breathless, and is available from Amazon (KDP Select). Link: Also available in print from Amazon. Our website:

The beautiful cover was designed by Syneca Featherstone, and features the incomparable Jimmy Thomas.

Rachel appeared beside them, giving them a warm smile. “You all passed our preliminary STD test,” she said in a matter of fact tone while handing each of them a yellow pamphlet and a pen. “Before I can allow you two to enter,” she softly spoke, “Please read the house rules and sign below.”

The club safe words are always “GREEN” for go, “YELLOW” for slow down, and “RED” for stop.

Consensual/nonconsensual or any extreme play must be discussed with and agreed to by the Dom/Mistress before any single tail whip, takedown, loud, unusual, disruptive, or potentially messy play scene begins.

The Looking Glass has over 50 separate dungeon/play areas. If you wish to socialize, do so within the main area, shower/locker room, or at the bar located on the third floor.

No means No! Continuing to ask a Dom/Mistress after you get a “No, I’m not interested” is harassment. Predatory behavior at The Looking Glass will not be tolerated.

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