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Part 3

The following is taken from Linger (Masked Emotions: Book 1), a BDSM Erotic Romance by V.E. Campudoni. The book in its entirety is available from Amazon:

Lana was both frightened and excited at the final realization of what this place really was, “It’s an S&M club!” Marie and Hannah whisked her toward the lockers, where they all quickly got undressed, then it was off to the showers, and before she knew it, she was wearing nothing but a white cotton robe as they dragged her to the freight elevator. “Wait, what are we supposed to wear?” she practically screamed.

“They have outfits for us to wear upstairs,” Hannah laughed. “Don’t worry about the cost, it’s my treat.”

The freight elevator went up two flights, and as soon as the door opened a curvy redheaded woman in a full body fishnet suit walked past them. Lana began looking around as Hannah escorted them through the large open room. There were provocative pictures of nude men and women in contorted positions framed on the wall. “What have I just walked into?” Lana was surprised at how well lit the club was. Despite the time they arrived, it was still relatively early. There were small kiosk booths spread out throughout the room with wigs, dresses, and shoes that were so large she assumed they were intended for men. Lana then noticed a large flat screen television mounted above the entrance to the bar, showing off the different rooms. The screen showed a room with a wooden throne and a giant steel spider web that could be used for climbing, tying, or simply holding onto. Another room looked like an old classroom, and yet another room had a giant birdcage in the center. The screen then showed a quick montage of all the rooms, and in Lana’s overwhelmed and eagerly curious state she couldn’t take her eyes from the screen. There was a tanned, athletically built man, wearing nothing but a pair of tight shorts that highlighted his assets and what looked like a black mask. The words ‘Dom 241’ appeared next to him followed by ‘Over three hundred fifty, five-star ratings! A two-month waiting list for Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday! Reserve today!’

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