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Part 1

The boy takes her to his room and they played on the computer. While playing ,the boy put his hand on the girls skirt but she didn't noticed .After that the boy moved his hand into her skirt. She looked at the boy and the boy kissed her .He said her " do what I told you " .The girl was younger then the boy she said "yes ".The boys hand entered her panty then he just placed them on her thighs and kissed her tightly .After that the boy took her to the bathroom .Where he placed her on the floor then he lie with her and keep kissing her .After that he removed her skirt and his pant .He entered his cock into her pussy and he asked her "do you feel good " .She replied "yeah".Then he kept pushing .After that he kissed her on thighs. And rolled them near his neck and kissed her on pussy .The boy stand up and pick her in his hands .And kissed her .The boy brought her in room placed her on side of bed , and lie near her and kept kissing her .He removed her shirt .She was wearing a bra .He removed that with his mouth. The girl said "ahh" .She hold him tightly .He kissed her and then went in washroom .In that time , she put on clothes and went on bathroom . She saw him and they both kissed hard .The girl washed her face and went out the bathroom and then room


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