LIFE IN THE WOODS (Part 4, page 1 of 3)

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Part 4

Andrea’s parents are still not convinced.

They will remain silence due to fear of sending their only daughter out from their eyesight. Though Andrea compels her parents, still both wouldn’t agree.

Rather than being obstinate with her parents, she would remain patience and was waiting for their approval. Andrea loved her parents dearly.

But few years back, Andrea wasn’t the same with her parents.

She was arrogant, adamant, never had the compassion towards her parents. Always she was a party animal, never seen in the family gathering.

Anytime hurting her parents. Andrea had a sibling, it was her older brother, very loving and good in appearance.

He was a trekker, in one of the trekking trip, her brother died due to an accident while trekking. Though Andrea wasn’t close to her parents, she was very close to her older brother.

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