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Part 2

The dismemberment of the Soviet Union in 1991, brought profound changes in the economic socio-called socialist camp in Eastern Europe framework; the seismic effect of incalculable branch, was felt with different dimensions in distant latitudes, especially in Cuba, a small island of the Antilles, possibly branded as the Caribbean jewel of communism and American satellite Kremlin. Ineffable socialist Cuba was moved to the ground economically and soon climbed the muddy waters of the social consequences; the extreme shortage of everything necessary to survive settled in every minute of everyday life as if it were alive in wartime, unhappy time the country's leadership, with great euphemism called Special Period. They resurfaced with renewed verve old scourges such as prostitution to that craving always latent in Cuban society emigration took a new turn, addressing with diaphanous preference for foreign clientele, and went also acquired a new nickname: jineterismo . This practice gave rise to a rich array of events in the intricate and mestizo Cuban social fabric, and this in turn has nurtured the creative talent of artists and writers inside and outside the country. With excellent command of the genre and its dramaturgical, deep and the pleasant time in his peculiar style of storytelling variants, the author of A Slice of Heaven gives us a handful of stories born in the same organs of the Special Period is still not over. The hooker and his entourage of family, friends, enemies, lovers Cubans and foreigners; the pimp of a new type; the fainthearted disappointed; the advantage communist, disillusioned and clinging to an outdated past; parading all these pages, impregnated their real silhouettes of two other intangible characters, but tenacious presence: the gastric hunger for lack of food and hunger evasion by the absence of civil liberties. Yes, not only will the reader a pleasant moment of serious and entertaining reading in unison, also known from within the vicissitudes of Cuba today.

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