Laid Bare (Masked Emotions: Book 3) A Sample (Part 3: Back to Business, page 1 of 1)

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The following is taken from Laid Bare (Masked Emotions: Book 3), a BDSM Erotic Romance by V.E. Campudoni. The book in its entirety is available from Amazon:

"Who do you want first?" Joslin asked as she sat crossed leg in front of him."

"Can I choose all three of you at once?" Enzio asked with a devilish grin on his face.

"Wow, that's a bit ambitious, considering you were in the hospital for three months," Cassie said disbelievingly, but he just grinned at her.

"Fine, if you can do all of us at once, we'll give you a reward," Rachel laughed, "But promise us that you'll take it easy, okay?"

"Fine," he laughed, and his hand quickly shot out, grabbing Joslin by the ankle.

She squealed as he pulled her naked body to him. He lay on top of her and began to kiss her deeply. She wrapped her legs around his waist, kissing him slowly and softly. She looked over and could see the other two fidget and shift in anticipation, and she let out a small smile. He pulled back from Joslin and leaned his body toward Rachel, and their kiss was much rougher and sloppier. Enzio could see that their skin was flushed and their thighs were glistening with wetness. Reaching down with his other hand, he ran his fingers into Joslin, and Cassie watched in fascination.

"Shall we begin?" he asked, and she nodded vigorously in response to his question. "Beg me," he demanded as he continued with his torturous prodding.

"Please," Joslin cried out.

"Please what?" he asked with a grin as the other two smiled at his demanding voice, causing Joslin to let out a loud grunt. She grabbed onto his hands, trying to pry them away from her hips so that she could thrust. But she felt weak compared to him. Even though he had been in the hospital for a long time, he was still a Dom, and he was letting all of them know that he was back.

"Please f**k me, please f**k me hard and make me come," she cried out.

He smiled at the sound of her whimpering. "As you wish," he said and slammed into Joslin's hot body.

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