Kidnapped by the hot beast (Part 10, page 4 of 10)

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Part 10

An eye on me?


"I've monitored your every moment. Everytime you thought you were alone, I was looking at you.",he said smirking at my shocked expressions "Even the couple of guys you dated",there was a flash of anger in his eyes that luckily disappeared soon with a smirk "they met their miserable ends for ever looking at my girl"

Did he...?

"W-What do you mean. You-You..."

"No need to freak out. Its been long since they have been rotting in hell"

I gasped.

"Y-You killed them!"

Its not a big deal. He has killed more than I can possibly count. But the thought of someone being killed because of me gives me a heartbreak.

"You are inhuman", I whispered dismayed.

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