Kidnapped by the hot beast (Part 5, page 4 of 5)

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Part 5

In moments he was standing in front of me. The distance between our bodies was threatening my personal space.

I really wanted to back off but at the same didn't want to show the person that I was scared.

It won't do good in my favour in any case.

"You're awake",he stated calmly. His deep husky voice somehow managed to cause me a shiver. His voice sounded familiar but not in a good way. I let out a shaky breath.

I hoped he didn't hear it. I still have no intentions of letting him know about my agitated self.

His voice sounded familiar,well,in a frightening way. A bit of curiousty was also aroused in background.

He clapped once and just then the whole room lit with piercing bright light. The light was bright to an irritating extent and I had to close my eyes shut instantly.

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