Kidnapped by the hot beast (Part 8, page 4 of 8)

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Part 8

His nails were digging into her delicate skin and they were going to draw blood if he wasn't stopped.

"Ian",she avoided eye contact and looked down"You-You are hurting me",she sounded like she was begging and she hated that. She felts the tears gathering at the corner of her eyes.

He quickly released her.

"You know I hate to hurt you",he said then grasped her chin and force her to look at him"So better not do anything that makes me hurt you"

"We will talk in the morning",he said before leaving her alone"Have some rest"


Ashley P.O.V

I clapped, the lights turned on. I clapped, they turned off again. It was quiet amusing.

I've been doing it for the last couple of minutes. After Ian left me I've been lying over that king sized bed and clapping again and again while my mind is preoccupied by many thoughts.

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