Kidnapped by the hot beast (Part 8, page 1 of 8)

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Part 8

Her small body was trembling. By the looks of him,he had no plans to end it there.

He took slow torturous steps towards her enjoying her reactions.

She didn't know she was pulling back till she hit something and fell flat over her back on something soft.

He took the oppertunity and jumped over her, taking her wrists in one hand and pinning them above her head. He didn't notice but she wasn't struggling anymore.

He was about to kiss her when she said.

"So is it true". He froze. Her voice was calm and cold. Her voice didn't sound like her. It was rather disheartened.

He looked at her. She wasn't even looking at him. She was looking up straight to ceiling. Her eyes holding unexpected desolation in them.

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